Story of an awakening | Kareema Marinho

Story of awakening 

kareema Marinho
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When I was a child my mother urged me since age 5, "If you want to be someone in life, you need to study," I believed her, who dares questioning a mother?


At that time began my journey towards being ‘someone’, I think I did it; I was a jumble of things, outstanding student, excellent teacher, competent coordinator, lawyer with an unblemished conduct and great legal knowledge, but nothing made me feel full and happy. I felt increasingly educated and intellectual but increasingly distant from myself. I missed something that I did not know what it was; I felt the absence of “I” in my life. Until the day I discovered that being ‘Someone’ is not enough, nor guarantee of happiness.


From the day I discovered that, I just wanted to be myself. I had not had this space in my walk through life. So I decided to reborn and find out who I was, what was that “I” so often spoken and suggested by masters.


I dived into a new journey towards the heart. A poet once said the day you get to know yourself may be the best or the worst day of your life, today I dare to disagree.


YES, the day you allow yourself TO BE in its fullness, finding out who you are, is the best day of your life.So it was with me, and so it has been with every person passing my way, surrendering to the sacred movement of life through Rebirth.


I changed my path; I quit working as a lawyer with its rigid rules. I left the universities, their social, educational and labor conventions.I left the past to open myself to the new, to life itself, life within myself. I wanted to be Whole.


Today I can only say that I am a woman, fulfilled and happy, whole, complete, healthy and totally free ... Titles, I do have them, they were and are important, but the best of myself is in the middle of my chest and it’s called HEART.



Physical Education and Law, expert in Legal Science and Family Mediation.With a background in Rebirth, Human Relations, Psychoanalysis, Circular Dance and Massage Therapy.